Donation FAQ

How to Donate

To donate to us with a credit card on the internet, please click here.  This will launch a new window where you can make your donation using Ticket Turtle, our donation and ticketing provider.

  • Send via US Mail:
    Magnolia Arts Center
    P.O. Box 20471
    Greenville, NC 27858
  • Donate online
    We use a ticketing and donation tracking tool called TicketTurtle.  By following our donation link to TicketTurtle, you can make safe and secure donations to the MAC using your credit card.  Charges to the MAC will say “Magnolia Arts Center” on your monthly statement.
  • Donate at one of our events
    Are you planning to come to one of our scheduled events?  That’s a great time to donate.  It also gives us the opportunity to thank you for your donation.  We really like doing that!

Why should I donate?

Your donations go directly toward our program offering. All of the events we offer all are funded by your donations. All who work with our events do so on a volunteer basis. In addition, most of the money that we receive goes right back into the Greenville economy.

What benefits do I get from donating?

  • Tax deductible – As a federally recognized and registered Non-Profit, anything you donate to us is tax deductible.
  • Recognition – Your name is displayed by category at each of our events, and if the event has a program, we include it in there as well.
  • Feel Good – You know that you are doing your part to support the Arts and also supporting local artists in the process.  You’re helping not just one group, but the entire artistic community.

I am not sure how much I should donate. How expensive are these events to hold?

We try to hold down the expenses of the organization, yet deliver a high quality service by relying on the generosity of our patrons as well as local businesses (mainly in the Uptown Greenville area). But to give you an idea of what things cost, take a look at how your donation helps make a difference.