Renting the MAC

If any, “non-profit arts and education organizations ” are interested in renting the Magnolia Arts Center,  please call Collice at 252-341-0500. The uses of the facility are governed by our lease.

The Magnolia Arts Center, Inc.(The MAC) facility includes our performance space, intermission lounge space, restrooms, dressing room and parking lot. The facility can be used for plays, small musicals, recitals, comedy shows, concerts, photo shoots, fashion shows, educational events, etc. Also, for special situations, additional fees may be charged on a case by case basis. Rates are as follows:


If a sound or lighting technician is needed, the price is a minimum of $60 and $15 per hour after 4 hours.

A board member is required at each performance at a cost of $10 per hour.

Only The MAC can sell concessions at the event, with the concession money going to The MAC.

*All situations may are a case by case basis and additional fees may be charged.