Talented Teens

Calling all Talented Teens!  Audition for Magnolia Art Center’s Talented Teen Competition.

We are looking for talented teens, ages 13 to 19, who can sing, dance, juggle, play an instrument, rap, do spoken word, magic, a monologue, a demonstration, martial arts, gymnastics, baton…. you name it.

You will perform two talents at the preliminary you sign up for.  You can, for example, choose to sing two songs or do two dances, but you can also have a combination of the two talents.  You may decide to sing and dance or to play an instrument and do a monolog.  It’s up to you what you chose to do as your two talents that night.

The winner of the final competition will win a cash prize of $500, a trophy, and have his or her name on the Talented Teen Winners Plaque which will be in MAC’s lobby.

The Rules

The Talented Teen Competition will consist of three preliminaries.

  • Saturday, April 11 @ 7:30
  • Saturday, May 2 @ 7:30
  • Saturday, June 13 @ 7:30

The final competition is Saturday, August 8 @ 7:30

A teen must register for one of the preliminaries.

Each preliminary will feature no more than ten teens.  An alternate list of teens will be kept for each preliminary in case someone decides not to participate.

Two teens will be selected as winners on each night of a preliminary.  The audience will choose a third teen.  Those three teens will advance to the finals.  However, this number is based on having 8-10 teens at each preliminary.  Numbers may be adjusted.

If a teen competes in a preliminary but does not advance forward, that teen can sign up to be in another preliminary.

Rehearsals will occur the Thursday night, Friday night before and the morning of each preliminary; each teen must attend at least one rehearsal.

Performance slots will be decided by random drawing the night before each preliminary/final.

The judges will not know any of the performers.

A 12-year old may compete if he or she will be 13 by the time of the final competition (August 8).

The contest is open to anyone living in the counties (physical address must reflect county):

Pitt                                                     Beaufort

Greene                                               Craven

Lenoir                                                Martin

Edgecombe                                       Washington

Jones                                                  Wilson


To Register:

To register for one single preliminary (either of the three is fine), please contact:  mitchatmagnolia@yahoo.com. (opens Feb. 18, 2020)

When sending an email to us, please supply:

  • Your name
  • You age and birthdate
  • Your physical address
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

The first ten to enter for any of the preliminaries will be the ones chosen.  You will be contacted within 24 hours of your request and information will be forwarded to you.

You must present proof of age at the first rehearsal.