The Diviners




Click here for tickets…”We will take your imagination on a journey. This play is full of biblical allusions, starting with its setting in Zion, Indiana during the Great Depression. But it deals with themes from today’s headlines. We see religion and religious interpretation has imprinted our society. The influence of the extremes of every belief system have some sort of impact on our world daily. In its purest form most of these belief systems are founded on love and compassion. But mankind has been known to pollute these belief systems by sprinkling in their own agendas leading to tragic results as it does in The Diviners.”

The Diviners Cast




Friday March 06 at 7:30pm

Saturday  March 07 at 7:30pm

Sunday March 08 at 2:00pm

Thursday March 12 at 7:30pm

Friday March 13 at 7:30pm(Wine Tasting Before the Show!)

Saturday  March 14 at 2:00pm

Saturday March 14 at 7:30pm(Wine Tasting Before the Show!)


Posted by Kevin R. Lee on Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shows will be held at 1703 E. 14th Street, Greenville, NC at MAC’s Building in the Perkins Complex behind the Sports Connection.

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The Diviners is a play by Jim Leonard, Jr. It takes place in the fictional town of Zion, Indiana during the 1930s/Great Depression era.

A “slice of life” play, “The Diviners”, takes the viewers intimately close to the main characters :

  • CC Showers- having a crisis of faith and purpose
  • Buddy – who can mysteriously “feel” when water is near, yet fears it to the point of phobia.
  • Ferris – A single father trying to raise two challenging kids in the depression.
  • Jennie Mae – forced to grow-up too soon, facing normal coming of age feelings
  • Towns people who each have a point of view and in their desire to achieve what they believe to be righteous and true, cause distraction and calamity.
di·vine  (d-vn)
adj. di·vin·er, di·vin·est
v. di·vined, di·vin·ing, di·vines
1. To foretell through or as if through the art of divination. See Synonyms at foretell.
2. a. To know by inspiration, intuition, or reflection.

     b. To guess.
3. To locate (underground water or minerals) with a divining rod; douse.