Love & Wine

$15 per person!!! Combine a Pulitzer Prize nominated show with a wine tasting, and you have the perfectly unique Valentines evening. Click here for Wine Selections: HERE


Boy meets girl. Girl writes to boy. Girl and boy correspond throughout their lives.

“Love Letters,” a two-person play by A.R. Gurney about two people who grow up in tune with each other’s written words.

Andrew Makepeace Ladd III (“Andy”) and Melissa Gardner first write to one another when Melissa asks Andy to her birthday party. Their writings continue, growing longer and more familiar as they seek friendship in their respective boarding schools. They sympathize (and amiably bicker) throughout marriages, children, divorces, love affairs, and careers that take them down (and up) different paths.

It’s a sweet, simple romantic play about on-paper soul mates.

Wine tasting begins at 7:30.

Show starts at 8:30.

Show runtime approximately one hour and thirty minutes.